ADA Accessibility

Sabal Palm House is committed to providing outstanding service and a first-class experience to all of our guests. In particular, it is our goal to accommodate disabled patrons, customers and members of the public to ensure that disabled individuals can equally access and enjoy the goods and services offered by Sabal Palm House in compliance with all applicable laws.

This property was built in the 1930s and remains for the most part unaltered. The property contains both geological and structural impediments which severely limit accessibility features available for disabled guests at this time. This statement is made in compliance with the requirements of 28 CFR ยง 36.302

Sabal Palm House admits registered service and assistance animals as permitted by law. We may by law inquire as to whether or not the animal on property is a service animal and what task it performs.

Similarly, Sabal Palm House works with third-party Accessibility Agencies to audit our sites using live testers to assist us in implementing the necessary changes to make our site accessible to everyone including those using a screen reader, magnifier, voice recognition software, captions, alternative text and other assistive devices. We are continuously auditing and updating our website(s) to further improve the accessibility of our site.

We look forward to welcoming you to stay at Sabal Palm House.